Active against Childhood Cancer

Familiar faces support us and our work fighting childhood cancer. As ambassadors, they publicly acknowledge our Foundation’s goal of defeating the desease. We are greatful for their motivation and visibility.

Susanne Conrad

Journalist and Author

Saving lives, giving hope, giving a future. There can be nothing more important and meaningful.

Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation Stiftung Juno has therefore set itself the task of promoting new research approaches, improving the therapeutic care of children with cancer and giving them a better quality of life.

Based on personal experience, I know how much fear and suffering a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent therapies are accompanied by, and I can hardly imagine how desperate children may feel in such a situation. I would therefore like to help ensure that the vision of Stiftung Juno becomes reality and that young patients and their families do not have to walk this difficult path alone.

Willi Weitzel

Reporter, Explorer and Adventurer

Paddle a canoe for hours or extensive hiking tours – I love that! Sport and exercise, even when it gets exhausting, provide me with energy for my turbulent life.

I even studied sports to become a teacher. Although I would never admit to being a sports teacher, I learned as a student that you get more power back when you have worked out beforehand. This is especially true for children!

Children with cancer also benefit from regular exercise – this has been scientifically proven.

I am happy to help expand programs for sports therapy – and I hope you will, too.

Katja Brandis

Author and animal-lover, known for the bestselling children’s books Woodwalkers and Seawalkers

Exercise is so important and brings back joy in having a body, even if it doesn’t always go along the way you’d like. I work out every day myself and I can imagine that it is incredibly important for the sick kids to exercise and thereby maybe get well a little bit faster – and above all not to lose confidence! I wish the Juno Foundation every success with their great campaigns.

Tom Gröschel

Marathon runner and winner of the German championship 2018 and 2019

Sports is the best way to break out of everyday life and clear your head! Children need playful exercise to get to know their bodies properly. With sick children in particular, it is important that they recognize how powerful their own body is and that they know how to use it.
I would like for the children to forget the everyday clinical routine for a moment and inspire them to do sports.

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