Sports for children with cancer – that’s what we are committed to – and we receive support from great people like Benjamin Franke, known as Benz. He is a marathon runner himself, and also trains others to be successful.
Here he tells us what drives him – in sports, in life, and for his commitment to Juno. For that we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The path to becoming an athlete
As a child, I was active from an early age. In addition to playing football regularly – like a lot of kids from the age of five or six – I always wanted to try out other sports. Regardless of whether it was about other ball sports such as volleyball, basketball or table tennis, or other movement sports such as children’s gymnastics or catch games: I was immediately involved. My many movements as a child and teenager laid the foundation for my passion for marathon running, which I only began to appreciate when I was in my mid-20s.

Harmony of sport, work and family
Finding a balance between family, friends, work and exercise is an essential part of life for me. Because I and the people around me are only fine if nothing is given too little attention.

Of course I do a lot of sport – but I always try to combine this with other things: I run a lot with my wife Julia and my running team Haspa Marathon Hamburg. Or I go for a ride on my mountain bike with my boss or accompany my twin sister and my niece on a little jogging run. Such moments often give me the special feeling that everything in life is balanced.

Sport is healthcare
For me, sport is an essential part of an active and healthy life. I always try to pass on my passion for sport to other people. I would like to show that actively shaping everyday life can turn into a positive and fulfilling attitude towards life and that you can get up with a big smile both at the end of the day and in the morning when you get up. Because you know you’ve done something for yourself and your health.

Sport as a passion – for the healthy and for the sick
The passion for sport connects me with many people every day. I see how it drives them, motivates them and gives them purpose in life. As a marathon runner and coach, I have been trying to convey this feeling of weightlessness, when you forget everything around you, to the people who devote themselves to this passion with me for several years.
This is exactly why the Juno Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation is such an important organization for me: I would like to try to pass on this passion with it and with you. Especially to the people who can’t do it at the moment, but would like to. Help us with this!