Giving ideas and networking – those attributes characterise Dr. Sigrun Lüttringhaus. And who doesn’t need fresh ideas? At Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe, we are excited that Sigrun got involved with our Foundation in April 2022, as part of our Board of Trustees. And we have already been fortunate to experience her creative thinking, enthusiasm, and energy.

Her work brought the Hamburg native, who spent her childhood years in Mainz, back up North. Here, the economist works at Union Investment, where she leads advancements in its institutional property business. Her work requires her to acquaint herself with new topics quickly, bring structure to them, and lead them to success with her teams. For this, a broad network is essential. These skills set her up for success, for her professional as well as her pro-bono work at Stiftung Juno Kinderkreshilfe:

„Fighting actively against childhood cancer is a topic close to my heart, and I look forward to collaborating with a great team on this important cause.“

The former competitive rower and endurance sports enthusiast now lives in Hannover with her husband and three sons. There, she explores nature during her runs or on her racing bike. „I use this time-out in the fields and forests to re-energise and generate new ideas.“ It is Sigrun’s ideas, her drive, and her power of endurance, that we look forward to when collaborating with her at Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe.