International Childhood Cancer Day – not only on February 15th

World Childhood Cancer Day was launched 22 years ago to raise awareness of the disease in children and young people. A lot has happened since then, especially when it comes to therapies and the associated chances of recovery after a diagnosis: Today, 80% of children with newly diagnosed diagnoses have a good chance of recovery.

But actually every day is World Childhood Cancer Day. The Juno Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation works with many other partners every day to ensure that children and young people with cancer receive the best possible care. This also includes sports and exercise therapy, which offers young patients not only fun and variety but also physical fitness and better chances of recovery. Our foundation, which is financed 100% through donations, supports sports programs for children and young people suffering from cancer.

We are also committed to ensuring that child cancer research takes place at the highest level and that our vision becomes reality: all children suffering from cancer can be cured. Help us! Join us to take action against childhood cancer. Today and every day.