International Childhood Cancer Day – not only on February 15th

World Childhood Cancer Day was launched 22 years ago to raise awareness of the disease in children and young people. A lot has happened since then, especially when it comes to therapies and the associated chances of recovery after a diagnosis: Today, 80% of children with newly diagnosed diagnoses have a good chance of recovery.

But actually every day is World Childhood Cancer Day. The Juno Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation works with many other partners every day to ensure that children and young people with cancer receive the best possible care. This also includes sports and exercise therapy, which offers young patients not only fun and variety but also physical fitness and better chances of recovery. Our foundation, which is financed 100% through donations, supports sports programs for children and young people suffering from cancer.

We are also committed to ensuring that child cancer research takes place at the highest level and that our vision becomes reality: all children suffering from cancer can be cured. Help us! Join us to take action against childhood cancer. Today and every day.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The month of September is international childhood cancer awareness month. We focus on those affected by the illness, and their families. On all those who show full commitment every day to counteract and care for them. We create awareness of the importance of research to advance medicines and treatments. And we remember all those who lost the battle.

Today, 4 out of 5 children with cancer can be successfully healed. We are working to ensure that this also applies to the fifth. There is a lot to do. Together we are strong.

Please help and draw attention to September’s fundraising for the fight against childhood cancer. Join an action for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The Juno Foundation has developed the Juno Sport Challenge, to draw attention to the importance of sports therapy for young cancer patients. In each of the four weeks of September, the children show an exercise from their sports therapy, and everyone can join in, do the exercise, and thereby show solidarity. Prominent supporters like athletes are also involved. You will soon find further information about the Juno Sport Challenge here.

Light, camera, action… Juno shoots its first film

Beautiful July sunshine perfectly lit the exercise garden of the pediatric clinic in Mainz. Here, the team from the Juno Children’s Cancer Aid is shooting parts of its first film this week. We are supported by our ambassador and moderator Katja, the filmmaker Kai, his assistant Jan, and the clinic team, who keep the doors and opportunities open for us on the days of shooting. Full of zest for action, we take big and small movie stars in front of the lens.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September is what we are shooting for. What exactly, is not revealed yet. Just this much: it will be sporty and interactive. To show Juno from its best side, the film experts will withdraw after the recording and work with us in peace and quiet. We will create various clips that will be shown on the digital Juno channels. From September they will be available for everyone to see. We are excited and look forward to the result!

At this point we would like to thank the entire film team, who does this first-class and valuable work pro bono for us. Thank you very much!!!

Sportive and supportive

Sports for children with cancer – that’s what we are committed to – and we receive support from great people like Benjamin Franke, known as Benz. He is a marathon runner himself, and also trains others to be successful.

Is it Easter yet?

You might think so with the children on the pediatric oncology ward at Unimedizin Mainz, because they were given little Easter bunnies and lambs in the form of fluffy cuddly toys.

The team from Joyset are the ones who came up with this happy surprise. Shortly before the turn of the year, customers were able to donate to the campaign via their portal, and distribution began just in time for spring. The visitor duo from Joyset took care of that themselves, making the day a little cosier for the kids on the ward and those who were in the clinic for outpatient appointments.

We would like to say a big thank you to the Joyset team for their visit in Mainz and for this creative campaign. Now Easter can really come!

International Childhood Cancer Day

International Childhood Cancer Day was established more than 20 years ago to draw attention to the disease in children and adolescents. A lot has happened since then, especially with regard to the therapies and the associated chances of recovery after a diagnosis: Today, 80% of the newly diagnosed cases, around 35,000 per year across Europe, have good prospects of recovery.

Stiftung Juno works with many other collaborators to ensure that every day, children and young people with cancer receive the best possible care. This includes sports and exercise therapy, which provides young patients with fun and a change, as well as physical fitness and better chances of cure. Therefore, our foundation supports sports programs for children and young people suffering from cancer.

We are also committed to ensuring that research into childhood cancer takes place at the highest level and that one day, our vision will become reality: all children with cancer can be cured.

You too can help. Get active. Donate today.
15.2. is International Childhood Cancer Day

Let the fun begin: Juno Runs 2023

The sun is showing up more often again. With spring approaching, more runners like to intensify their training.

A fun run, preferably outside in the fresh air, and doing something good for your body and for a good cause at the same time… We are now calling on all running enthusiasts and those who would like to be inspired: arrange a charity run in favor of Stiftung Juno!

No matter whether young or old, slow or fast, whether club, college, school, community, circle of friends, neighbors or family – organizing and holding a charity run welds people together, is fun and is also for a good cause.

How it works? Here we have summarized tips about the Juno charity run for institutions that work with children.

Of course, groups of adults can also participate. We are happy about every big and no matter how small commitment. Because exercise is good for all of us, both healthy and sick people. That is why the Juno Foundation finances sports and exercise therapy for children and young people with cancer.

Use your muscle power and be active against childhood cancer.

Spotlight on… Harald Jaeger

Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe is an organisation very near to my heart. This is for a variety of reasons. In business life I act as part of networks. As an Investor Relations Manager, I travel a lot and have the great privilege of meeting interesting and very active people around the world. We also like to think outside the box and exchange views on the important questions in life. That is, especially of life!


I was struck by childhood cancer in my own family, confronted with the suffering and powerlessness of my loved ones. And also the helplessness, although one had always found a solution for everything – up to that point!


So I wanted to do something active. Public relations, “drumming” for the foundation, carrying the message and the thoughts further. But also initiating new things in this huge research area of ​​cancer. I am involved with as a founding partner via the DataTech approach. Computer simulation models play an enormously important role in future research approaches. Here, too, I will be very happy to contribute my opportunities for the Juno Foundation.


“Detours increase local knowledge” is my motto that has accompanied me for a long time. Accelerating these detours and getting help to fight childhood cancer more quickly will be and remain my motivation. For this reason, I am happy to have accepted my place on the Board of Trustees of the Juno Foundation.

Play and fun – distraction through sports therapy

Distraction from the daily grind at hospital is always welcome among young cancer patients. This is where sports therapy comes in. Some pediatric oncology centers offer personalised exercise therapy, which is often financed through charitable organisations rather than health care providers – despite its positive effect on the chances of recovery.

One of the research studies that Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe supports, aims to make young patients stronger for fighting childhood cancer, and to show that exercise training has remarkable effects on successful cancer treatment.

In order to make the effects of regular exercise measurable, periodic sports tests are carried out with the children who take part in the current study. For example, an increase in performance and other parameters is checked and documented. The sports tests, which are carried out by the sports therapists with whom the children are familiar, can sometimes be exhausting. It is all the more motivating for the kids to know that they can then choose a gift from the surprise box after the session. Games, books and puzzles can be found here, which in turn lead to distraction from everyday hospital life.

 “The children are happy when they have completed their tasks and can take something from the box. There is something in there for everyone”

tells us one of the sports therapists.

In another children’s oncology center, the toys are used in the playroom. Here, too, they ensure fun and motivation. Some games are introduced into the sports therapy units to loosen them up in a playful way.

We are pleased to put a smile on the little patients’ faces and would like to thank Ravensburger for their generous donations.

Spotlight on… Angela Kast

“Time we take is time that gives us something.”

– Ernst Ferstl

Based on this principle, I joined the Board of Trustees at Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe in April 2022, and have been benefiting from my voluntary work ever since. I would like to take time for the little heroes whose foundation for a fulfilling life has faltered.

As an enthusiastic mountaineer and practicing yogini, I know about the balancing, and even healing, effects of physical activity. That is why I was immediately convinced by the efforts of Stiftung Juno to increase children’s chances of recovery through exercise. Ensuring the best possible support for the healing of the children is a matter close to my heart.

As a qualified lawyer, I live in Munich and work as a financing specialist for mezzanine capital to close the financing gaps of real estate investors and project developers in acquisitions, project developments and refinancing. My hands-on mentality, which is necessary for this, is equally beneficial for my work on the Board of Trustees.

Let us ensure together that the affected children will be able to still take time for themselves in the future. We cannot prevent the diseases, but we can try to ensure the best possible chances of recovery.