Play and fun – distraction through sports therapy

Distraction from the daily grind at hospital is always welcome among young cancer patients. This is where sports therapy comes in. Some pediatric oncology centers offer personalised exercise therapy, which is often financed through charitable organisations rather than health care providers – despite its positive effect on the chances of recovery.

One of the research studies that Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe supports, aims to make young patients stronger for fighting childhood cancer, and to show that exercise training has remarkable effects on successful cancer treatment.

In order to make the effects of regular exercise measurable, periodic sports tests are carried out with the children who take part in the current study. For example, an increase in performance and other parameters is checked and documented. The sports tests, which are carried out by the sports therapists with whom the children are familiar, can sometimes be exhausting. It is all the more motivating for the kids to know that they can then choose a gift from the surprise box after the session. Games, books and puzzles can be found here, which in turn lead to distraction from everyday hospital life.

 “The children are happy when they have completed their tasks and can take something from the box. There is something in there for everyone”

tells us one of the sports therapists.

In another children’s oncology center, the toys are used in the playroom. Here, too, they ensure fun and motivation. Some games are introduced into the sports therapy units to loosen them up in a playful way.

We are pleased to put a smile on the little patients’ faces and would like to thank Ravensburger for their generous donations.