Cheers to the foundation’s work!

Foundations Day is the central and Europe-wide day of action for foundations of all kinds and aims to draw attention to their work. Few people know how many foundations there actually are and what they have done for society over the centuries and continue to do. This day should therefore be used to highlight the motives, commitment and successes of founders.

In Germany, there are 23,876 legally capable foundations under civil law. 92% of the foundations have exclusively tax-privileged, i.e. charitable, benevolent or eccleasiastical purposes. It is gratifying to note that last year in particular, significantly more foundations were set up than in previous years. Social, educational and cultural issues are particularly close to the hearts of the founders.

Source: Website of the Association of German Foundations

Health and sports account for 20% of the foundations established. And so are we – Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe: We support projects that benefit children with cancer and their families, both in therapy and in aftercare. We fund research projects and aim to strengthen national and international networks that investigate the causes of tumor and blood diseases in children and adolescents. This is intented to advance diagnostics and treatment as well as holistic psychosocial care. Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe is still in process, but soon, actors in the fight against childhood cancer will also be able to submit funding applications to us.

We are proud to be part of such a large foundation network and are happy to be able to make things happen and give something back to society together with our foundation colleagues!

Interesting information and figures on foundation work can be found on the website of the Association of German Foundations.