Kick-off: Our first fundraising project

Defeating childhood cancer – that is our long-term goal. An important component of the therapy is sport. For many years, a positive connection between sport and the fight against childhood cancer has been scientifically proven time and again. Our goal is to implement sports therapy not only as a helpful add-on, but as a permanent component of standard care. In adult cancer treatment, this is already the standard in some subsets. So why not for children and young people too?

The FORTEe research project conducts research on personalized sports therapy and innovative technologies in pediatric oncology and is supported by an EU research program. 16 institutions from 8 different countries are working together for this purpose. We want to further strengthen the existing structures of the project and support research beyond the funds and projects already funded. In particular, the exploration of sports with innovative technology (for example augmented reality) is close to our hearts.

We are happy if you support us in this – contact us for more information or donate directly here.