Spotlight on… Angela Kast

“Time we take is time that gives us something.”

– Ernst Ferstl

Based on this principle, I joined the Board of Trustees at Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe in April 2022, and have been benefiting from my voluntary work ever since. I would like to take time for the little heroes whose foundation for a fulfilling life has faltered.

As an enthusiastic mountaineer and practicing yogini, I know about the balancing, and even healing, effects of physical activity. That is why I was immediately convinced by the efforts of Stiftung Juno to increase children’s chances of recovery through exercise. Ensuring the best possible support for the healing of the children is a matter close to my heart.

As a qualified lawyer, I live in Munich and work as a financing specialist for mezzanine capital to close the financing gaps of real estate investors and project developers in acquisitions, project developments and refinancing. My hands-on mentality, which is necessary for this, is equally beneficial for my work on the Board of Trustees.

Let us ensure together that the affected children will be able to still take time for themselves in the future. We cannot prevent the diseases, but we can try to ensure the best possible chances of recovery.