Spotlight on… Harald Jaeger

Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe is an organisation very near to my heart. This is for a variety of reasons. In business life I act as part of networks. As an Investor Relations Manager, I travel a lot and have the great privilege of meeting interesting and very active people around the world. We also like to think outside the box and exchange views on the important questions in life. That is, especially of life!


I was struck by childhood cancer in my own family, confronted with the suffering and powerlessness of my loved ones. And also the helplessness, although one had always found a solution for everything – up to that point!


So I wanted to do something active. Public relations, “drumming” for the foundation, carrying the message and the thoughts further. But also initiating new things in this huge research area of ​​cancer. I am involved with as a founding partner via the DataTech approach. Computer simulation models play an enormously important role in future research approaches. Here, too, I will be very happy to contribute my opportunities for the Juno Foundation.


“Detours increase local knowledge” is my motto that has accompanied me for a long time. Accelerating these detours and getting help to fight childhood cancer more quickly will be and remain my motivation. For this reason, I am happy to have accepted my place on the Board of Trustees of the Juno Foundation.