Supporting Ukrainian children with cancer

Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe has started a campaign for donations that go towards helping Ukrainian children and their families.

Joyset giving joy to Juno

Following the motto „Giving joy and doing good together“, Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe was supported by Joyset last year, as you may have read in our previous news post. For each individual gift box that was sold via the Joyset online shop, 1 Euro went to our charity and therefore to young patients fighting childhood cancer. A big thank you to those of you who participated.

We are thrilled about the positive outcome of this initiative and the support during the past year. It was especially nice of the Joyset team to come visit us from the Sauerland area here in Mainz, where we had the opportunity to plot future collaborations.

Team Juno says thank you and we look forward to further joint initiatives with Joyset!

Juno wishes Merry Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors for their support this year. We are looking forward to 2022 with more exciting projects – active against childhood cancer!

Your team of the Juno Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS: Our team will be there for you again from 03.01.22.

Our Christmas campaign: Donate instead of Giving

What do you give to someone who doesn’t want anything and actually already has everything? Or someone you don’t really know that well? A donation for a good cause has already put a smile on the face of many recipients. Of course, you as the donor decide the amount yourself – there is no minimum amount.

With our Donate instead of Giving Christmas campaign, your company can also get involved: Instead of giving Christmas presents to business partners and customers, you can make a donation to Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe. In this way, you support our projects, save time when selecting gifts and set a real example. Of course, you can also make your donation tax deductible.

You are also welcome to communicate to your network that you are doing something good. For this purpose, we provide you with a web banner or a logo for your Christmas cards. If you are interested, feel free to contact us or take a look at our donation form.

We wish you a great pre-Christmas season!

Cheers to the foundation’s work!

Foundations Day is the central and Europe-wide day of action for foundations of all kinds and aims to draw attention to their work. Few people know how many foundations there actually are and what they have done for society over the centuries and continue to do. This day should therefore be used to highlight the motives, commitment and successes of founders.

In Germany, there are 23,876 legally capable foundations under civil law. 92% of the foundations have exclusively tax-privileged, i.e. charitable, benevolent or eccleasiastical purposes. It is gratifying to note that last year in particular, significantly more foundations were set up than in previous years. Social, educational and cultural issues are particularly close to the hearts of the founders.

Source: Website of the Association of German Foundations

Health and sports account for 20% of the foundations established. And so are we – Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe: We support projects that benefit children with cancer and their families, both in therapy and in aftercare. We fund research projects and aim to strengthen national and international networks that investigate the causes of tumor and blood diseases in children and adolescents. This is intented to advance diagnostics and treatment as well as holistic psychosocial care. Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe is still in process, but soon, actors in the fight against childhood cancer will also be able to submit funding applications to us.

We are proud to be part of such a large foundation network and are happy to be able to make things happen and give something back to society together with our foundation colleagues!

Interesting information and figures on foundation work can be found on the website of the Association of German Foundations.

You buy – Amazon donates

The US giant Amazon has become the top-selling online shop in Germany for a long time. What many do not know: If you buy here, you can do good with every purchase without paying a single cent more. To do this, simply use the webpage instead of the regular URL and you will automatically donate 0.5 percent of your purchase value to a charity organization of your choice. Also in the Amazon app you can choose a donation partner with just a few clicks.

Help now – online:

  • Shop via with your existing Amazon login data.
  • Select Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe as your social organization.
  • From now on, only shop via instead of

…or via app:

  • Install the current version of the Amazon app (available in the iOS app store or Google Play for Android).
  • Select “Amazon Smile” from the main menu in the settings under “Programs and functions”.
  • Select Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe and follow the instructions in the app.

The small amounts add up quickly and make a huge impact in the fight against childhood cancer! Join us now!

HARIBO and Juno: Help with Great Taste

Snacking and doing good with it? That’s now possible as part of the HARIBO Vereinsfreude campaign. In just three steps, you can easily support Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe:

  1. When shopping next time, simply reach for a Goldbären Aktionsbeutel in the candy department.
  2. Then go to, select Juno Kinderkrebshilfe as your charity partner and…
  3. …enter the promotion code from the HARIBO Aktionsbeutel.

By doing so, you increase our chance to win the main prize of 5,000 euros for our association’s treasury, because after the campaign ends, 50 x 5,000 euros will be raffled among all participating associations. In addition, the 500 clubs with the most collected codes will receive a HARIBO Vereinspaket for snacking worth 100 euros each. We already know who would be very happy about this…

The redemption of the promotional code is possible from 19.07.2021 to 22.01.2022.

So, the next time you have a hankering for Goldbären, remember us. Because every promotion code entered for Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe increases our chance of winning! We would like to thank all participants and HARIBO in advance for this great campaign.

Gifts for a good cause

Following the motto “give joy & do good together”, Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe is now being supported by JOYSET from Hemer in North Rhine-Westphalia. Until World Children’s Day on September 20, 2021, 1 euro for every sold gift box will be donated to us.

+++ Update: The action is extended! Until the end of the year 1 euro per sold gift box will be donated! +++

JOYSET is an online store that offers personalized gifts and gift boxes for any occasion. Not only for him and her, but also for couples, babies or even corporate events – self-configured or created by experts. There is something for everyone here! So if you are looking for a nice birthday present or would like to make your loved ones just so once again a pleasure, you can stop by the online store. With a gift box you bring joy not only to the recipient, but also to all the patients who fight against childhood cancer together with Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe.

Many thanks to the team of JOYSET for this initiative. We are looking forward to January 2022 and are excited to see what amount has been collected by then!

Every step counts: First donation handover of the LEX Partner Cup 2021

Together with nine premium partners, the LEX Laufexperten launched the LEX Partner Cup 2021 for the first time. For the nationwide running event, exercise enthusiasts were able to assign themselves to their favorite brand via the free LEX Laufexperten app from April 16 to May 1 and have their run kilometers recorded via the app’s tracking function. Every step counted: all kilometers covered, whether jogging, walking, hiking or strolling, were rewarded with 5 cents by the respective premium partner.

Within 16 days, the 809 runners covered a distance of almost 40,000 kilometers. This corresponds to a journey through a total of 14 European countries: from Rome to Ankara via Bilbao to Gran Canaria, from Norway via Switzerland to the coast of Andalusia. Michael Tiemann, managing director of LEX Laufexperten and initiator of the campaign, is delighted with the total donation of 3,400 euros. His goal of combining his passion for sports with a commitment to children with cancer has been a complete success. Since he has a personal connection to the disease cancer, he wanted to use the opportunity to support national and international network projects in the field of sports with the help of our foundation. No sooner said than done! And after this successful conclusion of the LEX Partner Cup 2021, nothing stands in the way of an annual repetition.

We would like to thank all motivated runners, LEX Laufexperten and the nine premium partners for our first fundraising campaign and are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with LEX Laufexperten and future sports projects!

First member of the Board of Trustees has been appointed

On the Easter weekend, our board member Eric Schierholz met with Harald C. Jaeger. We are not only pleased about the news that the CEO of the investment consulting company Vogelweid Communications GmbH and co-founder of the cloud platform dicehub will in future take a place on the board of trustees of Stiftung Juno Kinderkrebshilfe. Together with the co-sponsor Altmünsterhof Mainz, he also directly donated 5.000 euros.

We thank you for so much engagement and look forward to valuable input and great collaboration in the months and years to come!